4nobukawajiri asked: Who is the Tumblr user behind the mask that is gaiusbaltarcrying? And thank you for creating one of the greatest tumblrs dedicated to my favorite BSG character.

This is my regular tumblr. :) You’re absolutely welcome.

Dear 98 followers: I can’t thank you enough for your likes, reblogs, messages, and general enabling. The Tears of Gaius Baltar Archival Project has pretty much come to an end now, unless anybody can point to a scene I somehow missed. But I thought this would be a nice (totally subjective) thing to leave you with…

Gaius Baltar Crying: A Top Ten Retrospective

Best viewed with a soundtrack.

4x20 Daybreak: Part 3

He’s made it through so much, you guys. He’s cried over witnessing (and being responsible for) the destruction of his people.  He’s cried over the brutality of humans, and the oblivious well-meaningness of Cylons.  He’s been tortured, stabbed, yelled at by Six and glared at by Adama. And it’s all led to this final scene, this pinnacle of character evolution.

Where he cries over being able to farm.

…He’s had a long fucking day, all right?

You know what’s coming, everyone.


4x19 Daybreak: Part 1

"I’ll break it down for you, Dad. You’re an obnoxious, spiteful, cantankerous old git, and you’re frakking lucky you’re not living on the frakking streets!"

4x18 Islanded in a Stream of Stars

"You haven’t changed, Gaius. Not really. I have."

Fact: I ran out of Sunday Special room, but essentially every single character on the show cries in this episode. And still Gaius wins, no white paint required, because you can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half.

4x16 Deadlock

I’m on the fence here but I swear I just saw him tear up during the MORE GUNS BIGGER GUNS speech.

If you were wondering if there are any limits to Baltar getting unbelievably dramatic about things: nope.


Hey, I avoided the screencap where he was literally drooling on his son, at least!

SUNDAY SPECIAL - Caprica-Six Crying

4x18 Islanded in a Stream of Stars

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"Might be"?